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Etched PTFE Sheet - Style No: TPES

Etched PTFE Sheet

PTFE’s unique properties is its non-stick ability.This non-stick property makes PTFE extremely beneficial in non-stick applications such
as baking trays, heat sealing equipment, etc.
Due to the non-stick properties of PTFE, the material cannot be glued to any surface without etching the surface of the PTFE before bonding.
PTFE has to be treated with an etching process before bonding.PTFE is inert to nearly all chemicals and solvents. It has been found however, that solutions containing alkali metals, sodium in particular, will etch the surface of a fluorocarbon part,leaving a carbonaceous film to which conventional adhesives will bond. Teflex uses a sodium and ammonia etching solution to prepare the surface for bonding.
As a result of the treatment the PTFE has a dark brown metallic appearance, which loses its luster on exposure to air, leaving a dull brown colour. This is a carbon layer. The reaction takes place to a depth of only a few angstroms leaving the bulk of the polymer unaffected.
Teflex has a full scale etching plant and is able to etch a wide range of sizes and components, from skived sheeting/tape to small machining components. Please contact us with your enquiries.Once the etched state has been achieved, the surface of the PTFE is no longer ‘non-stick’
and presents no further adhesion problems, so that bonding can be achieved with a wide range of adhesives. The choice of adhesive then depends only on the required service conditions of the bonded part, whether the requirement is flexibility or rigidity, temperature resistance or chemical.

Storage of Etched PTFE:
The etched PTFE surface needs to be kept free from exposure to light, as the etching
surface is degraded by UV radiation.
Initial exposure of an etched surface to the atmosphere results in oxidation of the etched surface,
which initially improves the bonding strength. Over-exposure results in UV degradation of the etched
surface and a resultant decrease in the bond strength. Etched PTFE needs to be stored in
a black plastic bag to ensure optimum life spans.


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