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PTFE Lantern Ring - Style No:TPLR

PTFE Lantern Ring 愀氀眀愀礀猀 possible to use a standard packing configuration stuffing box to seal the shaft and centrifugal pump. The pump suction may be under a vacuum making outward leakage impossible or the fluid may be too hot to provide adequate cooling of the packing. Under these conditions, a modification to the standard packing of the stuffing box is required, and a Lantern Ring offeres an excellent Solution.

A Lantern Ring is a superior lantern ring installed near the center of the packing box which is fed cool clean liquid from the pump discharge or from an external source. The Lantern Ring distributes the liquid uniformly around the shaft to provide cooling lubrication. The fluid entering the Lantern Ring cools the shaft and packing, lubricates the packing, and seals the joint between the shaft and packing against air leakage into the pump.

Teflex Lantern Rings using all of our engineered PTFE materials. Fluorogreen Materials can be used when low deformation is needed and is particularly suited for use in caustic environments and are tested and proven.

superior cryogenic materials.

1.100% Virgin PTFE Lantern Ring




5.TUV & 匀GS


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